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Weeknd just passed away ……

It usually vanishes as soon as is any of Tusshar Kapoor movie from a theatre or as soon as Shoaib Akhtar returns to the pavilion… !!!

On Friday our office group celebrated “dabba Party”. Just to make it clear what party is this- Here all are assigned a task to cook “some dish” for “these many people” . So actually , all would cook for each other :-). Although idea was old, but to make it possible for a group of about 130 people is a big task.
One week looong preparation, who would bring what? For how many people…and How? Was all to be sorted out. Then there were bachelors to straight away say NO!!! For them we need to figure out "things" which they could buy it from market and bring...like "Aachar(pickles), Cold Drinks, Chips....etc....I was handed a task to cook “Biryani” for 7 people. Don’t know how it was, as I wasn't able to get a bite of it :-(.Then on the same day was “salad making” competition. One of my colleague and me participated eagerly . Now as per mail it was “Salad Making” and others people actually took it to “Salad Decorating”. There were too beautiful salads I should say, but still we managed to get a “Special prize” just for the awesome taste of it :-).

Weekend was again busy with matches, Although Delhi Daredevils lost it, but I was happy as even Kolkatta Knight riders lost it…yipeeeeee !!!I was happy…. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

I don’t like Yuvi…. But he would do some thing for sure, that pushes me hard to compliment him… 1st it was six sixes…then it was an “amazing catch of Shaun Pollock…. !!! Amazing man!!!
How could I forget the last 2 sixes hit by Shane Borne....!!!Superb!!!!

Gilly was back in form… !! Who told you to retire man? You still rock!!!!
Was it sreesanth crying like a child, I wonder could any man cry in public that to like this? “Arrey seedha ek wapas daba ke marane ka na….. khel khatam….”…LOL… !!! On a serious note, It was TOTAL NATUNKII.

Last but not the least , 2 mins of condolence for Mumbai Indians… !!!
Jis team ke kaptaan eevam upp-kaptaan sahyog dene mein aasamrth ho, unke liye hum poori “sahunubhooti” rakhjte hain…!!!!
(For a team where his captain and vice captain are unable to play, I have full sympathy with them…)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


veikiin said...

Nice post. Hilarious ! :-)

vijay said...

Hie ,

cooking took up ur week & cricket ur weekend :PPPP

One thing I've always conteded is that The Oz's r the best players, irrespective ofthe behaviour.

This is borne out. each aussie has shown his worth, u name it - Hussy, Headen, warne, watson, gilli & now Katich..hats off 2 them.



Anonymous said...

dabba party sounds like fun!
u still following cric.? i gave up when i discovered shane warne plays for rajasthan royals....

Sandhya said...

Hi Chakoli

How r u??
So, ur entire week was nice. from ur party to Match.........
Have u seen d "tashan"?

Chakoli said...


Thanks dear:-))

Chakoli said...


LOL...yups...all went away just cooking;-))))

I agree when aussies are on strike its usually... fun to watch...we are njoying coz they are playing fr India:_))) otherwise toh...joote marate bechro ko;-)))

Chakoli said...

Its fun re...everyone njoyed it... and there was fight who would eat it all??;-)))

Yup I m still in with it:-)))

and njoy it as well....:-))

Chakoli said...


Nopes dear...heard quite a bad review baout it....

Didi you went fr that??

Sandhya said...

same i hv heard. thats why could not go for this....

Vrij said...

Congrats for the special prize.. jab main Pune aaonga.. aapke haath ka salad khaoonga! ;)

And yep.. Gilly is BACK ! And so are the chargers!! DC rocks!!

Chakoli said...


otherwise would have been crap as Krazzy 4 kya?/;-)))

Chakoli said...


for sure...sirf salad hi khaungi;-)))

LOL...all hyderbad ones are charged up now... I guess...;-)))

Kaua said...


sab kuch chod pehle yeh bata y r u soooooooo happy if knight riders lose !!!

n not to miss i agree with u on sreesanth ...such a coward he is ...matlab main toh acting mein bhi coward banana pasand na karroon...i would hav rather debated that let me hit bhajji

Ankur said...

i really love sachin... and i m really feelin bad coz its only hurting his reputation and nothin else but now there will be more pressure on his shoulders... i hope he wins... just for the sake tat he is sachin... :)

i have heard him sayin...

"Nobody is bigger than the game, and i m no god!!!"

he truly is the god of cricket...

abt yuvi, when he plays the elegance and arrogance both displays... he is one of the most amazing hitter of the cricket ball...

abt calcutta... i want them to win if not jaipur... bhai home team ke saath humara purana rishta hai :D :D

and delhi... viru is my fav... if i will be the selector.. he will keep playin in my team... :)

and btw.. nice to know abt ur biryani and cooking skills... wats the special prize but????

cook well... cook more.. and someday invite us too to eat ;) :D :D

Keep faith... i will be there ;) ;)


Phoenix said...

Hilarious, ur take on IPL :D

~ ॐ ~ said...

i loooooooooooove salads....

Chakoli said...


LOL...arrey ... opponenet team haar gayi to khushi to hogi na:PPP

I would agree... IF I have been on his place....I want to hit him twice......no bans.... or anything:PPP

Chakoli said...


And I hate Sachin.... hate him...hate him...!!!!

He never plays for India...but just for himself.....and still we foools consider him God....yucks....!!!!

Yuvi I agree...shows...aggression as well as sportmanship:_))) njoy..... with him a lot:-))

Ohhh so u r on Kolkatta side...kewl...!!!

I m not a bad cook at all....:-))))LOL.... ask people who have to eat it:_))))

Chakoli said...


Thanks dear:-)))


Ohhhh wow:-)))

Ankur said...

well chakoli, then i dont think u know cricket and certainly sachin...

he is one player who plays for the country nothing else... he has the guts to fight for it... just look at his record sometime...

no other player in the history of the game has achieved so much for his country... and its a very bad thing to say that he plays for himself... i feel offended...

y do u expect one player to do miracles??? still he does by winning a lot of them for us... but i certainly dont expect him to win everyone for me... he is no god!!!

i hope sachin u r not listening to this..we love u and we love u for watever u have done for the game of cricket and this coutry... few ppl will still never end expecting everything from u :-/

Ankur said...

and i can only tell abt cooking when i eat it ;) :D



vEENs said...

hehehe! sucha eventful weekend bebeh :))

bulkul bindaas!

and the cric :-/

vijay said...

The aussies r really gud players
& we must accept something thats gud.


Aaarti said...

NIce post... yep, i truly agree with you abt the Mumbai indians..
now they have Bhajji off the team... sad a$$ :)

and my fav team Aussies ROCKKKKKKKKK....yayyy.. So do Chennai~~ :D

Chakoli said...

@Ankur jee:-)))

Ahhh....You want me to look at records....!!! Maximum run he has scored is against the teams which were termed as "WEAK"..... Whenever India needed him...mostly he is out on duck or may be a single digit no... Usually centuries are counted but who notices against which team it was?

A person is said to be the BEST if irrespective of all odds he is there to WIN!!!!

Another thing...he dosent play for himself...just note down hw many times he has been out in his 90's?.... then also note note down the no of balls he wastes each time he crosses 70.... !!!!!

When you are playing for a team... ur own aspirations shud be kept aside... If team wants you to pick up runs go fr it.... not just that you have to complete ur century...
ANother note.... whenever he crosses his 100... the next thing he wud do is play a short.... and then CAUGHT!!!!.... why so?

If you are playing for India play safe at all ends...why people keep on changinf themselves....??

I never consider him GOD and never say that he has to make us all matches WIN... thats the reason I said....He is not GOD.... and that the reason I hate him....


Chakoli said...


Its shot not short :-)))...

cooking..fr sure:-)))

Chakoli said...


Is it not?/LOL...
whic is ur fav team??

Chakoli said...


I agree fr that:-)))

but its hard to digest na:-))

Chakoli said...


LOL... Ohh so ur team is chennai... yup its rocking man!!!

CM-Chap said...

Chennai Rocks.. Isn't it

KP! said...

so whos ur team again?? is it chargers? or super kings?? or royals??

good one ..:).

KP! said...

btw ur hindi is too good...:). I lost it in the middle...its good there was english translation aat the end...:).

Chakoli said...


I support...delhi daredevils...hw abt u??

Chakoli said...


abt my hindi...no comments as I knw...I still need improvement in that:_))

Ankur said...

well.. really... its like disgusting Sachin if i give any clarifications on him to u... :)

but one day, have a one to one chat with me abt him, and i will clarify all ur doubts!!!

talkin abt records...
1)u talkin abt 90's : look at his 100's
2) he crosses 100 n play a bad shot!!! : hahah.. really??? check karo... :)
3)and i didnt know australia is a weak opponent coz his best comes against them!!!
4)heehe... once u say he wants to complete his century and then u say he is gettin out in 90's... :P
5)keep on changing themselves???
6) and when u say na he is not god and tats the reason u hate him... ask anyone, we can only interpret that u want him to win u all sayin this...

these are just related to wat u said... talkin abt records... ask me any day... how many records he holds... how many times he has won the man of the match award and how many times india has won among those...

will post a fact sheet soon abt his records!!! :)


P.S. this is abt sachin :D :D not us ;) ;)

:P :P

how r u doin?

Ankur said...

When Sachin Tendulkar reached his fifty in the second ODI against South Africa, he went past another milestone in a career chequered with record-breaking moments. Tendulkar became the first batsman to accumulate 15,000 runs in ODIs - he was the first to 10,000 runs as well - and that didn't come as a surprise considering the productivity of his long career.
The 10,000 club in ODIsPlayerMatchesRunsAverageHS10050SR
Sachin Tendulkar3841504344.24186*417985.62
Sanath Jayasuriya3951206332.95189256490.58
Inzamam-ul-Haq3781173939.52137* 108374.24
Sourav Ganguly2941088041.68183 226873.69
Brian Lara3781040540.48169196379.51
Ricky Ponting2801039543.31164236280.27
Rahul Dravid3181026540.09153127970.81

In the 189 ODI innings he has played when India has won, Tendulkar has scored 9061 runs at an average of 56.98, with a strike-rate of 89.72, all figures higher than his overall average. He averages 47.96 in 36 finals (of tournaments involving three teams or more), though the fact that he has scored only four hundreds, and that only 13 of those matches have resulted in wins, might come as a disappointment. Incidentally, he averages 89.10 at a strike-rate of nearly 100 when the team has won in a final.
He instantly became the face of the day-night game, and in fact Tendulkar has scored the highest number of runs while batting second in a day-night game and is third on the list of all-time highest averages while chasing under lights.
The best batsmen under lights (Minimum qualification: 30 innings)PlayerInningsRunsAverageSR
Hansie Cronje38140558.5473.75
Michael Bevan42159951.5869.55
Sachin Tendulkar75308745.3987.94
Boeta Dippenaar30107341.2668.24
Jacques Kallis56185741.2670.58

Tendulkar has scored the most runs by far (12019) while batting in the top three. However, a few batsmen have averaged better than him in the top-order, though none in the top five apart from Sir Viv Richards come close to his batting strike-rate.
Highest averages for batsmen playing in the top-order (Min 30 innings)PlayerInningsRunsAverage10050SR
Sir Viv Richards51241857.5751586.88
Mohammad Yousuf43198855.2251378.82
Glenn Turner33134648.073868.46
Sachin Tendulkar2751201947.13375887.22
Jacques Kallis145557646.08113671.43

Though he's been dismissed in the 90s in two consecutive matches, Tendulkar can take heart from his performance against South Africa in the ongoing series in Ireland. South Africa is the only team against whom he has failed to maintain an average score of 35 per innings.
Tendulkar's record against Test-playing nations in ODIsOppositionMatchesRunsAverageSR
New Zealand38146041.7193.89
South Africa51164732.2971.42
Sri Lanka65243645.9686.53
West Indies38157154.1778.08

Interestingly, the South African bowlers have managed to keep him quiet over the years, as reflected in his low strike-rate of 71.42 against them. The reason for his success at Belfast could be the absence of Shaun Pollock. Pollock has dismissed Tendulkar nine times in ODIs, along with Sri Lanka's Chaminda Vaas. The other successful bowlers include Glenn McGrath and Heath Streak, who have dismissed him seven times each.
Tendulkar also performs better at neutral venues than at home in India. His record in away games though is unimpressive.
Tendulkar's statistics by type of venueType of venueMatchesRunsAverage10050SR

Tendulkar currently averages over 50 in the 13 matches he has played in 2007. He has finished five years so far with an average of over 50 in ODIs. However, after a successful 2003 World Cup, he suffered a slump. He averaged a measly 33.08 in 37 innings in 2004 and 2005. Also, his strike-rate dropped gradually from 87.36 in 2003 to 77.05 in 2006.
Since the 2003 World Cup, Tendulkar has played 72 innings, in which he has scored 2824 runs at an average of 43.44 at a strike-rate of 81.85. He opened the batting in only 58 of these innings and though his record at No. 4 was equally impressive, he failed while batting one-down. In four innings at No.3, he averaged 8.75 and had a woeful strike-rate of 54.68. Clearly, Tendulkar prefers not to take first strike while opening the innings.
Position-wise records for TendulkarBatting PositionInningsRunsAverageSR

Although of late, he's looked to play with caution, he can be destructive and equally dismissive of opposition bowlers at will, as seen in the latest innings against South Africa, where he pulled the ball with an air of nonchalance. Here's a list of innings where he's been at his explosive best:
Highest strike-rate for a Tendulkar innings (Minimum qual: 50 runs)OppositionRunsBalls facedSR4s6sVenue
Bermuda5729196.5524Port of Spain
New Zealand8249167.34152Auckland
New Zealand5336147.2233Colombo (RPS)

That list includes the magical 49-ball 82 against New Zealand, Tendulkar's first as an opener. Since then, it's been many more runs on the board. Tendulkar has scored almost 26,000 runs in international cricket, and looks unlikely to be overtaken soon unless his nearest rival Brian Lara comes out of retirement as stated and makes runs at a far greater pace than his contemporary.
Highest run-getters in international cricket (Tests+ODIs+Twenty20s)PlayerMatInnRunsHSAverage10050
Sachin Tendulkar52559825975248*48.2878122
Brian Lara43052122358400*46.2853111
Ricky Ponting3954601994125749.605699
Rahul Dravid4274791963127046.8536126

Ankur said...

have mailed u the same!!!

check it out

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