Door Bell

How many of us love door bells, I have no clue, but when I'm inside my house, I hate door-bells :P. Trust me, as now I'm in the "home maker " mode, door bell are the vamps/villain [ not sure which gender it would be , going with hindi...  घंटी बजी  ... its feminine , but घंटा बजा is masculine, so confused!!] of our lives.

When we bought this house, we chose the mildest of door bell, which at times is not audible to us as well, if we are in the corner most bathroom, or in deep sleep and fan is running at full speed. Ok so that was the secret, outside people don't know about it, hence they need to assume that our door bell is in working condition.

Now, again talking about my home maker mode , my inability to go out and purchase stuff [ or rather my laziness to get ready and along with it, dress up the kid as well, and go and purchase stuff, ] I buy all my stuff online, not online actually, near to our apartments there are those local shops , who also deliver to home once you order them on phone, so its basically home delivery. And when I say "All" its ALL... from grocery to medicines to ice creams to outside food... I mean everything :D

So with home deliveries, every now and then door bell rings, ok I ordered it so I should not complain about it, but the worst thing is as we have the mildest sound, once the outsider press the button he expects that even he would listen to the bell sound, but it doesn't happen and so he presses it again and again... and finally after third attempt when he is still unable to hear, he starts knocking... bang bang...phew!!!

I actually have forgotten the count , as how many times I scolded the delivery guy... -कितनी बार घंटी बाजोगे ..grrrrrrrrrrr...but it doesn't help, because every time the delivery guy changes :P. But I still keep my spirits alive and continue scolding ;-). That's determination !!!

I'll reiterate this again, being a home maker is not an easy job... door bell, phone bell, cooker ki seeti, baache ka rona, my favorite tv serial, padosan ki gossip, maid ka rona, doodh wale ki jhik jhik.... and the list could go on................

Whatever... just ENJOYING!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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