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So now with a new life in my arms, I'm out of office these days, spending whole of my time with him. And trust me, I'm just loving it. I mean who says, being a home maker is not cool these days. Its just awesome !!

Just being home, is much more fun then those boring meetings and deliverable's. Not much has changed actually, I was managing a team there and now managing my maids and home, I used to slog to work in office , here also I do that, but I can be assured that I'll get some rest. I don't have to work for any performance incentives, I just work to make this a better, healthier and happier place. Ok, the only + point was I was getting paid[ and I  know that point basically weighs more than anything] but then I thought, nowadays people don't have like 3-4 children, usually they just plan for one and end the story, so if I don't spend time with my only child, wouldn't I be missing soooooo much and those moments are priceless.

As I see him growing day by day, my belief grows more stronger that ... life is really beautiful and you just need to KEEP FAITH.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Red Handed said...



Sam said...

Congrats 😃. On your blog after ages. Life with kids is amazing and hectic. 17 months of experience says after fatherhood to a 17 month diva 😃. By the way hope you remember this commenter.

Chakoli said...



COngrats to you too...

How are you?
I sent you an email on your gmail..but it says the address doenst exist...

so where are you? Still in US?
not blogging dese days?

what are you upto?

do mail me take care:D

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