Time Spent in Bathroom is directly proportional to how Smart your phone is!!!

To many of us, frequent break to bathroom is considered to be a redundant task leading to no gain. But with invention of smartphones, bathroom time is now turning to be more productive time.

Yesterday, during chit-chatting with my friend , she narrated an incident about her spouse, he wakes up and first thing he does is picking up his smartphone
and rushing to the toilet. And then you hear those sounds. He basically plays angry birds out  in toilet, so rest is left to your imagination. She continued saying - my son at times wonder , why toilet gets so noisy when Papa is in there .

Phone Usage in Bathroom

To many of us, be it home or office , married or single it doesn't matter. We are so much hooked to our smartphone that its more of the extension to ourselves. So texting/calling/checking mails/playing games/social media or updating your grocery list from toilets is pretty much normal to all of us. In fact , in year 2012 the survey done on Americans resulted that 75 % of people use their phone while using toilet. And I'm sure the numbers would have increased now in 2015. 

In fact some of my office colleagues admitted the fact that they prefer to spent some time alone in office and whats the best place to do so, "Washrooms" . I'm sure if we survey our IT industries, more than 60 % population would admit doing so. Well, that would be a cause of worry to all managers but till then all can enjoy the freedom and exploit it.

Are There Any Pros?

Well, if you are the busiest man in this world that yes in a way you are utilizing the time by checking mails,updating your status or getting refreshed with candy crush .

Are There Any Cons?

Well.Yes and it effects are really bothering

Its UNHYGIENIC - After using toilet you wash your hands, but do your wash your phone ? [in spite of the fact that phones are now waterproof] . In a recent study it was found that phone carries more germs than the toilet seat. Every now and then we keep listening to new diseases surfacing and bothering us and as a safety measure it is suggested to follow healthy sanitation habits. And what we do, after washing our hands, first thing we do is picking our phone to check it. 

Technology was to help us , so that we could be more productive and lead a more luxurious life , but in turns out we are becoming slave to it. Would our dinner be less tastier if our smartphone is kept aside or we wont be able to handle nature's call if we are not allowed to carry our phone into the toilet. We all have the answers and we all are very aware of it, its just about practicing it. Well for that also you need a reminder in your smartphone. isn't? 

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Red Handed said...

I carry my phone everywhere...even to the bathroom early morning. Now I feel so sad about myself. :/

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