Infants Can Teach You a Lesson for a Lifetime

Holding the purest form of life, I used to seldom think even I would have been like this then what have changed? Why I need so many corrections now and then, why often I’m distracted, the anger which overpowers me now and then was it existing when I was an infant?

As I’m now lucky to spent my time with kid, I observed how clean and truthful soul they are, and as he is growing I’m sure he’ll get adulterated and be somewhat like us. So I don’t forget my chaste and virtuous boy, thought of putting all things I should learn from him -

  1. Breathe properly 
  2. No fear of losing - 
  3. Grow at your own pace
  4. Express your likes and dislikes
  5. Only need of milk, sleep, nappy change and lots of love
  6. Curious and always eager to learn new things
  7. Trust your intuitions
  8. Express Your Love 

It’s worth remembering that even we were a kid someday and these were the things done by us as well, just that in fear, competition and fast paced life we forgot the essence of thing called life.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

1 comment:

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

you are so right.. if only we could remain kids ...


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