5 Reasons why you should NOT travel

Did you just made an excuse to your boss that you won’t be able to travel as you got a medical emergency? You are the person who keeps on postponing the family vacation to a Hill station with a simple excuse that your boss is not sanctioning leaves. Are you the one who loves to spend his vacation on his favorite couch with TV remote, maggi and lots of tea?

IF you answered a yes to even one question above, you are not alone! There are many like you, and the best part is they have the weirdest excuse just to avoid travel.

And if you are still wondering whether you fall into a category of wanderlust or a motionless nerd! We give you top five reasons that may conclude you love immobility, Are you ready? Let’s get started –

My Home is Safest Place on Earth!

 What if I travel and the plane gets crashed or hijacked, a cruise may get stranded on a deserted island or hit by pirates. And journey via road - Do you know how many people die each year because of road accidents? What if my hotel room is attacked and all my valuables are stolen. I get mugged on that stranger land. Gosh! I can’t travel, it seems so risky.
 My home sweet home is just the most secure place on earth!

I love Pampering!

The idea of weekend spending and vacation time for me is to book an appointment in a spa and just drench in aromas and positivity. It’s so much fun!

My Window Seat

The sea-facing window or the garden-facing window is my favorite spot. Boarding the window seat with a cup of ginger tea gives me a kick early morning and in the evening warding off all my stress. And if I miss that “me time” I feel void in my life.

Packing and Unpacking

Travelling causes stress to me!
First before travelling plan and pack your bags, which usually starts almost one-two weeks earlier as that includes shopping and then once you back again unpack the stuff. Gosh!! It feels like the travel time was for a whole month rather than a couple of days.
Why stress yourself so much? Go shopping relax and unwind!

The Motion Issue

Well, it’s both types of motion the one on the road that causes sickness and the other one in the bathroom which causes worst of trouble!
With travel, you indulge in junk food causing constipation and then the issue of getting pressure at the “right time” just because the sightseeing guy would arrive at Sharp 8:00 clocks.
Is this vacation planned for fun or to torture me?
I’ll prefer staying at home and wait for the pressure jiggy to happen.

So did you find your reason of being termed as non-traveler?

Some people have wanderlust and some like to search out the essence of life at same place, all acceptable and pretty normal. It’s just about the rhythm of going with the flow. So what’s your reason of not travelling?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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