My Trip and Job

Ahhhh.... long awaited post this is....

I should have posted this last week, but thanks to my laziness, well not actually laziness, but I was tied up.... with what.... some negotiations!!!

Well, last weekend was fun... we went to Divyagrah and Murud Janjeera... playing drum-charades, cards, anatakchari, beach cricket, guys had a gala time with beer and loosing money!!

Finally, I'm staying with current company!! Ahhh... that was the thing which kept me busy!!I told you options are the worst part of life. But again I was hit by it.Finally, I chose to stay with the same company!! Reason , I don't know.... its just that my heart said. Suddenly people around me have started trusting me a lot, so many expectations, client praising you, your managers praising you... suddenly you are the talk of the town, that's scares me even more !!!

I just wish, to do my work honestly and sincerely. This is one thing I have learnt from my life, if you do any thing honestly it will pay, even if you don't like it but you have to do it. Still try to do it with full dedications!! May be that's the reason I was called back :).

Now, in office there are rumors that she has been offered "lions share" !! And I could sense jealousy in many people's eye!! Ahhhhh... allah rehem kar!!

But, somethings don't change.... I did planned for my vacation and its still on track. I m at my hometown enjoying summer holidays :))

Had lost touch with IPL, or in that matter any kind of sports, the only recent update I have is of Shoaib Mallick and Sania Mirza wedding and controversy!! How irritating these news channels are!! Thankfully I m not in that profession( which at one point of time I considered as a high rated profession).

Some new things are crawling in my mind... to learn and to explore ... !!!

Life is just amazing yaar... why we get just one life I wonder :))))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Bikram said...

hmm i can understand not changing the company, I have been with mine for a lot years now.. I decide i want to leave then think I am doing what i want to , people are good and exactly what u think...

IPL- not good my team is bottong of list.. so no releif there tooo

All the best for everything , keep posted :)

Jack said...


Honesty and integrity at work always pays if not monetarily, one at least has job satisfaction. Everyone can not join vocation of one's liking, so it is best to learn how to enjoy your work. People will always be jealous of one who does well, so do not let it bother you. Little caution, do not let praise go to your head. Keep working hard.

Take care

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